How to pick the right bedroom furniture for your aesthetic

When choosing bedroom furniture, you have to consider all of the practical aspects, like size and storage space, but it’s equally important that you consider the aesthetic in your room. If you want to create a bedroom that works, your furniture needs to match seamlessly with the rest of the décor and the small design details, like rugs and wall art.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know how to choose bedroom furniture sets to match their aesthetic or even how to identify their aesthetic in the first place. If you are shopping for a new bedroom set, follow these steps to make sure that you get one that matches your existing aesthetic.


Identifying Your Aesthetic

Before you start looking at any bedroom furniture, it’s important that you identify your aesthetic so you know exactly what you should be looking for and how you will decorate the rest of the room. If you don’t have a clue where to start, you should begin by gathering inspiration.

Look at the rest of the rooms in your home and think about which aspects you like the most. Next, get some magazines and head online where you can find lots of great décor inspiration. If you start building a collection of images that you like, you will soon be able to pick out the features that you enjoy the most.

Once you start drawing these comparisons, you will be able to identify certain styles. Understanding the different décor styles is key if you want to find bedroom furniture that fits with your aesthetic.


The traditional aesthetic is inspired by 18th and 19th century décor. It is characterized by warm colors, although it can be updated with cool shades for a more contemporary look. Where furniture is concerned, traditional styles tend to lean more towards antique pieces and more elaborate styles. A grand, upholstered leather sofa or a bed with an ornate headboard, for example, would work brilliantly in a traditionally styled room.


The transitional style is ideal for somebody that enjoys some aspects of the traditional style but also wants a more modern feel to their bedroom as well. As discussed earlier, swapping out some of the warm colors for cool tones, like blues and grays, gives a more modern feel. You may also find that the furniture is simpler but some of the smaller details around the room, like moldings, have the detail that you would expect to find with a traditional aesthetic.


Modern décor encompasses styles from the early to mid 20th century. This aesthetic moves away from the detailed features of traditional décor and focuses more on minimalism. It’s all about functionality over style, so expect to see a very stripped back design with lots of neutral colors and clean lines. Usually, the color palette will consist of white, black, and beige with the occasional burst of color being provided by small details. In terms of material choices, modern décor leans away from wooden fixtures and furniture that you normally find with the traditional aesthetic and uses more metal and ceramic.


The contemporary aesthetic refers to anything that makes use of up to date design trends. This includes lots of glass and metal surfaces, feature walls, and rustic elements. The contemporary aesthetic is always changing as new trends emerge, so keeping up to date with the latest interior design fashions is important if you want to create a contemporary style.

How Do You Pick The Right Bedroom Furniture For Your Aesthetic?

Now that you know how to identify the aesthetic that you want in your home, how do you choose the right bedroom furniture to match?

Bedroom Furniture


When you are choosing bedroom furniture, you should always start with the bed. It’s the most important functional piece of furniture and it will take up the majority of the floor space, making it the focal point in most bedrooms. Once you have chosen the right bed, you can start building everything else around it.

If you are opting for a traditional aesthetic, a good quality wooden bed is the best choice. A four-poster bed with lots of detailed molding works particularly well. You need to make sure that you pay attention to the headboard as well. A custom upholstered headboard is a great way to make sure that your bed is a striking, traditionally styled focal point in the room.

However, if you are going for a modern or contemporary look, you should look for something more toned down. Metal bed frames can be very effective in a modern bedroom because they are very minimalist and understated. Wooden bedroom sets are also a great option. However, you should opt for something a lot simpler, without the ornate details that you would find on a traditional four-poster bed. If you are going to have a headboard, keep it simple and go for plain wood rather than an upholstered option.

Although the bed frame is very important, you also need to consider the bedding that you use and make sure that this fits well with your aesthetic. Floral prints or patterned bedding are fine in a traditional room, but they are too loud for a modern or contemporary setting. Instead, choose a simple, plain white or gray to match the aesthetic in the rest of the room.


Nightstands are a great functional piece of bedroom furniture and when choosing them, you should always think about how you will use them. Do you just need a space to put your phone and a glass of water when you go to bed or do you like to read before you go to sleep? It might be useful to choose a nightstand with drawers for extra storage if you have a lot of items that you like to have close by when you are in bed. Choosing nightstands with extra storage is particularly important if you have a small bedroom where space is limited.

As well as the practicality, it’s important that you consider the aesthetic in the room. The best way to ensure that the aesthetic is consistent throughout is to look for bedroom furniture sets that come complete with the bed and nightstands, all with the same design.

When looking for nightstands, there are some great solid wood options that work well for most aesthetics. You could also consider glass nightstands if you are following a modern or contemporary aesthetic but this does mean that you will most likely have to sacrifice storage space.


Finding a good wardrobe is vital because lack of storage space will make your bedroom very messy and cluttered. Before you buy a wardrobe, measure the floor space in the room so you can avoid filling the room too much and making it feel cramped.

If you want to create a traditional aesthetic, there are some great ornate wooden wardrobes with excellent detailing that look incredible! They’re a great statement piece for the bedroom. Make sure that you don’t buy an oversized wardrobe that is too large for your bedroom, though.

Wooden wardrobes are not always the best option in a modern or contemporary setting. Sleek, modular wardrobes are a great option because they give you more freedom to arrange the furniture in the way that you want it. When choosing wardrobes in a modern-style room, less is more. Look for minimalist styles and cut back on elaborate features, like handles and detailing.

Dressers and Drawers

If you have a large bedroom space and your wardrobes do not offer enough storage space, you should also invest in a dresser or a set of drawers. Traditionally styled bedrooms often feature elaborate dressers or chests of drawers which act as a great statement piece. If you search around, you can find some great antique pieces or you can find new pieces in the same style.

Darker wood fits with the traditional aesthetic but it does not work so well in a modern or contemporary setting. However, simple, light wooden dressers or painted furniture will fit well with the rest of the modern bedroom furniture.

When you are looking for bedroom furniture staples, like beds, nightstands, wardrobes and dressers, it’s best to buy full bedroom furniture sets so they all match perfectly. At Jasen’s Fine Furniture, we have a full range of bedroom furniture sets, all hand-picked by our expert team to ensure that you only get the best quality pieces.

Sofas and Chairs

Once you have selected your bedroom staples, you can start thinking about some of the other bedroom furniture that you might like. If you have enough space, sofas and chairs make an excellent addition to your bedroom, especially if you like to relax in there and read a book. A simple sofa or chair adds more functionality to the room and makes it a more welcoming space.

Leather sofas are the ideal choice for a traditional aesthetic. A grand sofa, custom upholstered in dark leather works perfectly with your ornate bedroom furniture. We stock a large range of leather sofas and chairs that are perfect for your bedroom as well as the living room. We even have reclining options for added relaxation.

Although leather is great in a traditionally styled room, it isn’t well suited to a modern or contemporary aesthetic because the colors and textures are not right and the rounded shape clashes with the clean lines in the rest of your furniture. It’s best to go for a smaller chair or a more angular sofa in a simple gray.

Bedroom Furniture Extras

There are a lot of small added extras that people forget when choosing their bedroom furniture, but these small details make a huge difference, so don’t neglect them!

Lighting is very important in the bedroom because it helps to create a relaxing atmosphere, so lamps are a must. However, it’s important that you choose styles that fit with the aesthetic that you are trying to create.

Metal lamps with a simple shade are perfect for modern and contemporary bedrooms but they look out of place in a traditional setting. If you are following a traditional aesthetic, you have more freedom to choose ornate wooden lamps and you can experiment with different shades. Art-deco style glass lampshades are the perfect middle ground in a bedroom with a transitional aesthetic. You can find a great range of lamps in different styles at Jasen’s Fine Furniture.

Rugs are a great addition to your bedroom furniture set as well because they add more texture and different colors to the room, making the décor more interesting. If you can find them, antique rugs are great for bringing authenticity to a traditionally styled room. There are also some great new options that give the same aesthetic! Elaborate patterned styles fit well with the detailing in a traditional room. They’re particularly good in rooms with wooden flooring, which can sometimes feel cold.

You can still use rugs in a modern or contemporary room, but you need to find something more reserved. Simple, plain rugs will still add more texture and make the room feel warmer, without interrupting the aesthetic. Rugs with pops of color can be a great addition as well!

Picking the right bedroom furniture for your aesthetic is important and if you don’t consider the overall décor in the room, you will end up with a bedroom that looks disjointed because things will clash. The best way to make sure that you have coherent bedroom furniture that matches and fits your aesthetic is to buy a full bedroom furniture set.

Here are Jasen’s Fine Furniture, we have an excellent range of bedroom furniture sets and our expert team can help you to find the perfect furniture to match the aesthetic of your one of a kind house. Our showroom displays are carefully crafted so you can get a sense of exactly how the furniture will look in your home, which makes it a lot easier to make the right decision. All of our bedroom furniture is hand-picked by our staff so we can always guarantee that it is of the highest quality.

If you are struggling to find the perfect bedroom furniture for your aesthetic, get in touch via email or phone or come down and visit the showroom at Jasen’s Fine Furniture today.


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